Outsourced Cybersecurity


Outsourced Cybersecurity

Comm Zed Cybersecurity employs a platform and team consisting of advanced technology and expert support that defends endpoints (cyber vulnerabilities) and users against attacks (executables, browser, scripts, etc.) at every stage in the threat lifecycle.

We provide a combination of best-of-breed technologies and unprecedented support to meet your IT and Cybersecurity needs.


The Comm Zed Cyber dashboard allows you to track in-depth information on your servers, computers, network devices, email services and peripherals. This all-inclusive system identifies and corrects potential issues, improves uptime, and keeps networks secure.


Monitor your server’s responsiveness and available disk space in an effort to identify potential compromises and reduce downtime. Our system provides thorough availability network coverage and continuously inspects network adapters and processors for errors, bench-marking them against preset thresholds and generating an alert when thresholds are beyond set limits. Plus, you will be notified regarding potential issues via text and/or email should they occur while you’re away from your computer.


Monitor all computers for overloaded processors and adapter errors to identify potential compromises and improve productivity.

Network Devices

All network devices, such as switches and routers, are closely watched for availability without time-intensive configurations. Additionally, to provide versatility, the system can monitor the status of network devices using IP pings and traffic usage. All network errors can be viewed on the Comm Zed Cyber dashboard or included on customized reports.


Verify your network storage devices, battery backups, and printers are all operational to maintain valuable uptime. Monitoring these peripherals is an important segment of every IT network. We provide you the tools and monitoring to improve your clients’ uptime.

Hardware Management

Our cloud-based Asset Management system enables our clients to track every hardware set-up and software detail. This fully automated system is an efficient and cost-effective way of managing your customers’ assets. Track company-owned computer assets and employee-owned devices (BYOD) to gain access to more detailed information and keep end-users’ computers up-to-date to meet any and all new requirements.

Agent-to-cloud architecture:

Oversee all the computers on your clients’ network to keep a finger on the pulse of activity and optimization.

Detailed Asset Information:

Discover specific hardware and software details, online/offline status, models, manufacturers, operating systems, log-on history, location on hardware-map, installed software, and service agreements. and other network information such as IP, gateway, and netmask. Be notified of aging hardware, operating systems, and real-time software assets with ongoing monitoring capabilities. Reports can be sent to the finance department with the latest hardware and software reports within the network for assistance in the budgeting and buying process.

Managed Security Service Provider

Monitor Assets:

Track disk, processor, memory, and power usage, along with installed software versions, and local files saved to an unencrypted filesystem.

Remotely Manage Assets:

Establish remote control connections to assist end users or manage servers to address security alerts related to vulnerabilities or compliance issues. Remediation is effortless and remote IT can fully address security concerns.

Ongoing Security Reporting:

Provide your customers with detailed reports which provide system performance, asset management, software update logs as well as vulnerability and compliance issues. All data can extracted into CSV, PDF or Excel. Schedule reports to run on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and specify who will receive the information.


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